Meet Your Course Director

My name is Michal - but friends call me Mike.

I am a PADI Course Director and I am ... in love with diving.
The passion for diving is a lifelong companion for me - my first diving course was in 1991. The following years brought more courses in different organizations with different instructors. In 2004, I became a PADI Instructor and Tec Diver. During my dive life, I met many passionate people, met extraordinary people fascinated by the underwater world, visited the most beautiful dive sites in the world, and realized my own passion for underwater photography.

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  • PADI Course Director - Tenerife  CarlosJimenezOnrubia 150x150 - HomeCarlos Jimenez Onrubia

    IDC May 2022 + MSDT Preparation. Vivo en Tenerife y quería hacer mi IDC aquí. Busqué en multitud de lugares, hasta que dí con Mike. Mi primera impresión fue que estaba hablando con el actor Richard Tyson (Kindergarden Cop- Poli de Guardería). En esa primera conversación supe que estaba hablando con un verdadero profesional. Antes de empezar el IDC me explicó todo detalladamente, los materiales que debía tener y los conocimientos que debía llevar aprendidos antes del IDC. El curso con Mike es duro, de hecho recuerdo que terminaba sobre las 17/17:30 y me quedaba despierto hasta tarde para hacer los trabajos para el día siguiente. Mike es muy exigente, pero te das cuenta que siempre te dice lo mismo " Aprended a pensar como Instructores". Por otra parte Mike fomenta el trabajo en equipo lo que hace todo más llevadero. Una vez que terminé el IDC, el IE me pareció más fácil. Gracias Mike por haberme exigido tanto durante el IDC, me has enseñado muchos valores y sobre todo a ser un verdadero profesional. También quiero agradecer el apoyo de Pedro, Damian y Kasia. Gracias por vuestros consejos. Quisiera felicitar a todos mis compañeros, dado que todos aprobamos el IE. Eres el mejor y lo sabes.

  • PADI Course Director - Tenerife  Szymon 150x150 - HomeSzymon Skerczynski

    IDC May 2022 + MSDT Preparation. Guys! If you want to go on IDC and pass the IE it's okay, but... if you want to do it in a proper way you should meet Mike. Good, decent guy with enormous diving and teaching experience. A lot of knowledge, skills and good vibes from this man.

  • PADI Course Director - Tenerife  StefanoLoce 150x150 - HomeStefano Loce

    IDC May 2022 + MSDT Preparation. When I arrived in Tenerife as an Advance Open Water I knew I would have liked to become an instructor. Sometimes it had been struggling and very difficult, but Mike followed me step by step during this journey and he gave me the confidence to achieve my goal in the right way. He gave me a structure to follow and helped me to shape a different point of view from the basic one I had before. For this reason, and also for many other tips, I really want to thank you Mike for the incredible job you did with me. And now that I’m instructor I will follow the path you showed me to bring other people to this magic world. Cheers Master!

  • PADI Course Director - Tenerife  DavidSteier 150x150 - HomeDavid Steier

    IDC November 2021 + MSDT Preparation. Through my experience in the Divemaster, I realized that I don‘t just want to Dive, I also want to teach Diving so I decided to do my IDC and IE with Mike. I wrote him from Germany and the Organisation was very Good and easy. Mike also organized accommondation and picked me up from the Airport. All These little things made my planning and my stay very Easy! Mike is probably the Most experienced diver I have been in the water with and you can see this in theoretical and practical Lessons. The IDC and IE in one sentece with Mike is: The IDC with Mike is exhausting, but then the IE is very Easy. And Mike was also preparing use for the time after IE. Despite the many teaching units there was always time for some Fun! Thanks to Mike, his Team and the IDC Team for the great time at the IDC!

  • PADI Course Director - Tenerife  JoshuaHaigh 150x150 - HomeJoshua Haigh
    IDC November 2021 + MSDT Preparation. I checked many locations and course instructors before deciding to do my IDC in Nov 2021 with Mike, I knew I was a little rusty since doing my divemaster as COVID had pretty much shut diving down for me. I liked Mike's no nonsense approach and asked him to be honest with me about my ability going in. He took the time to dive with me one to one and didn't sugar coat the areas I needed to work on, but offered support and knowledge throughout the course to bring me up and beyond the level needed to pass the IE. It was a pretty intense couple of weeks and not to be underestimated but the support throughout the course helped putting the puzzle pieces together. I went on to train specialties with Mike and dive with him after the course was done, thanks to him and all the team for the hard work.