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Me llamo Michal, pero los amigos me llaman Mike.

La pasión por el buceo es para mí un compańero de toda la vida: mi primer curso de buceo fue en 1991.
Los siguientes ańos trajeron más cursos en diferentes organizaciones con diferentes instructores.
En 2004, me convertí en Instructor PADI y Tec Diver. Durante mi vida de buceo, conocí a muchos buzos apasionados,
conoci personas extraordinarias fascinadas por el mundo submarino, visité los sitios de buceo más bellos del mundo,
y cumplí mi propia pasión por la fotografía submarina. Todos estos ańos fueron muy inspiradores y, naturalmente, me llevaron al punto donde me di cuenta que el buceo se habia convertido en una parte intrínseca de mi vida personal y profesional.

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  • PADI Course Director - Tenerife  JoelCooperDykes 150x150 - InicioJoel Cooper-Dykes

    IDC November 2022. I can’t recommend Mike highly enough! He went above and beyond for us all, made us all feel relaxed and engaged throughout the IDC and IE. He is extremely professional and knowledgeable. You couldn't ask for a better guy to get you across the finish line than Mike! He has made me not only a great instructor but a great diver. Thank you for all your help and i look forward to doing more courses and diving with you in the future.

  • PADI Course Director - Tenerife  Babett Brunner 150x150 - InicioBabett Brunner

    IDC November 2022 + MSDT Preparation. I was more than happy to complete my IDC with Mike as he is very professional, highly trained with a lot of experience, a very friendly and fun person to be around in general. He prepared us for our IE in a way that on the exam we could be actually quite relaxed. I highly recommend Mike if you want to complete your IDC or any course he's offering. Thank you Mike for all your support during the IDC and IE as well, and looking forward to the following courses and fun dives we'll do together!!

  • PADI Course Director - Tenerife  JamesParker 150x150 - InicioJames Parker

    IDC November 2022 + MSDT Preparation. I can’t recommend Mike highly enough! He goes above and beyond for his students on their IDC! He takes you to another level of preparation and by the end of the course you find yourself actually feeling ready for the exams. His knowledge and experience is second to none. If you want to not only pass your idc but pass it well and feeling ready to be an excellent instructor then book your idc with Mike.

  • PADI Course Director - Tenerife  Stefano 150x150 - InicioStefano Pancani Junior

    IDC November 2022 + MSDT Preparation. If you want to become an instructor, you can pick up any idc you want. But if your target is to be a good and skilled instructor, Mike is the course director you are looking for. An Idc with him will make yourself ready to face the IE in the proper way. He won’t be just an instructor, he will be your mentor for your career. Thanks again 師匠 (Shishō= The most impirtant master)

  • PADI Course Director - Tenerife  ScottFinch 150x150 - InicioScott Finch

    IDC November 2022 + MSDT Preparation. I started my IDC with Mike, with very little experience as a recreational dive professional after been recommended to him by a friend, having only just returned to PADI diving after a few years, I paid my fees and joined the course really not knowing if I was going to have enough ability as an instructor to pass the final Instructor Examination (IE). I completed all the materials Mike provided and prepped my equipment (most of which I hadn't worn in 2 years) and showed up to day one of the IDC, not knowing what to expect and how I was going to get on. From Day one Mike's professionalism and desire to shape quality Instructors was evident, every day he would build upon the lessons of the days before and slowly we started to develop more and more understanding and confidence, and I started to feel like I had a chance at passing the final exam. By the time I arrived at the Instructor examination weekend (IE), I felt ready and confident thanks to mike and I passed with easy confidence. Mikes attitude of "train hard dive easy" really prepares you to "walk" the IE with ease, he teaches in a calm, relaxed demeanour, to a higher standard than even the IE, leaving you with little fear in your abilities. Throughout the whole course Mikes friendly, relaxed and easy-going attitude never let up, he is a kind, calm and very experienced instructor who gave more than he needed to every day. I couldn't recommend training with Mike enough, we all should look for kind hearted, warm but dedicated professionals when we study and train, and you couldn't do any better than Mike. I dont know if I would have struggled to pass the IE without mikes training, but what I do know is, I wouldn't have passed it as easily, as prepared and feeling so qualified as I did, and what is more I have a new diving mentor in my life who I WILL be training with again in the future.