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Me llamo Michal, pero los amigos me llaman Mike.

La pasión por el buceo es para mí un compańero de toda la vida: mi primer curso de buceo fue en 1991.
Los siguientes ańos trajeron más cursos en diferentes organizaciones con diferentes instructores.
En 2004, me convertí en Instructor PADI y Tec Diver. Durante mi vida de buceo, conocí a muchos buzos apasionados,
conoci personas extraordinarias fascinadas por el mundo submarino, visité los sitios de buceo más bellos del mundo,
y cumplí mi propia pasión por la fotografía submarina. Todos estos ańos fueron muy inspiradores y, naturalmente, me llevaron al punto donde me di cuenta que el buceo se habia convertido en una parte intrínseca de mi vida personal y profesional.

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  • PADI Course Director - Tenerife  RemcoVanHal 150x150 - InicioRemco Van Hal

    TEC DEEP and MSDT preparation February 2023 - Have been with Mike for 3 weeks for Instructor specialties and Tec deep. Mike is very clear and direct about expectations and most importantly there are no shortcuts. Really enjoyed my experiece, learned alot of new skills, knowledge and tips and tricks. Also made a few friends along the way!

  • PADI Course Director - Tenerife  AmadeuszRozycki 150x150 - InicioAmadeusz Rozycki

    IDC November 2022 + MSDT Preparation. Jeszcze raz dziękuje za wszytko! Ten czas był dla mnie trudny i bardzo wymagający ale dzięki Twojemu wsparciu udało mi się zdobyć wymarzony od ponad dwóch lat cel. Po tym wszystkim rozumiem jak ważne w tej pracy jest przygotowanie a dzięki Tobie do egzaminów byłem przygotowany bardzo dobrze dziękuje za cierpliwość i na pewno będę męczył o więcej rad.

  • PADI Course Director - Tenerife  JoelCooperDykes 150x150 - InicioJoel Cooper-Dykes

    IDC November 2022. I can’t recommend Mike highly enough! He went above and beyond for us all, made us all feel relaxed and engaged throughout the IDC and IE. He is extremely professional and knowledgeable. You couldn't ask for a better guy to get you across the finish line than Mike! He has made me not only a great instructor but a great diver. Thank you for all your help and i look forward to doing more courses and diving with you in the future.

  • PADI Course Director - Tenerife  Babett Brunner 150x150 - InicioBabett Brunner

    IDC November 2022 + MSDT Preparation. I was more than happy to complete my IDC with Mike as he is very professional, highly trained with a lot of experience, a very friendly and fun person to be around in general. He prepared us for our IE in a way that on the exam we could be actually quite relaxed. I highly recommend Mike if you want to complete your IDC or any course he's offering. Thank you Mike for all your support during the IDC and IE as well, and looking forward to the following courses and fun dives we'll do together!!

  • PADI Course Director - Tenerife  JamesParker 150x150 - InicioJames Parker

    IDC November 2022 + MSDT Preparation. I can’t recommend Mike highly enough! He goes above and beyond for his students on their IDC! He takes you to another level of preparation and by the end of the course you find yourself actually feeling ready for the exams. His knowledge and experience is second to none. If you want to not only pass your idc but pass it well and feeling ready to be an excellent instructor then book your idc with Mike.