PADI Instructor Status Update

The primary goal of the Status Update program is to orient PADI Instructors to changes in PADI Standards, allowing them to return to Teaching status after a lapse in PADI Membership. During that program You will update your instructor knowledge and training by conducting a review to cover Standards changes and new materials released during the time you were not renewed.

Requirements to regain Teaching status are based on several factors. Regaining Teaching status may require a Status Update or complete retraining. Please be sure to contact PADI first to verify what is required for your particular situation.

The Status Update is also an effective refresher course for renewed PADI Instructors. In some instances, PADI Members may be assigned (by the PADI Quality Management Committee) to attend a Status Update for specific remediation.

Entry Requirements:

Any PADI Instructor may attend

PADI Course Director - Tenerife  niemiecki - PADI Instructor Status Update

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