PADI Instructor Exam

After successfully completing your PADI Instructor training IDC, you are ready to attend your PADI Instructor Examination IE!
The objective of PADI IE is to evaluate your readiness, knowledge and skills to earn your PADI Open Water Scuba Instructor rating.

With good trainings, proper guidance and coaching during your PADI IDC, you will have all the confidence to go for your PADI IE without any problem.
You might even have FUN during your PADI IE.

PADI IE Structure

PADI Instructor Examinations is conducted by a PADI Instructor Examiner from PADI Regional office. These friendly and encouraging Examiners will be evaluating your teaching presentations in classroom, confined water and open water settings, dive theory knowledge, understanding of the PADI System attitude and professionalism.

The way they evaluate you is exactly the same as how we evaluate you during your PADI Instructor training IDC. Basically, you just have to do what you have learnt during your PADI IDC one more time!

PADI IE is divided into 4 modules:

Written exams:

Dive theory exams (5 sections) – Physics, Physiology, RDP, Equipment and Skill & Environment. 12 questions on each section. You will need to complete these exam closed-book 90 minutes. Passing score is 75% on each section. System, Standards and Procedures exam – 50 questions open book exam. You can use your PADI Instructor manual and PADI's Guide to Teaching manual to find your answers (if you really need to). You have 90 minutes to complete it. Passing score is 75%.

Knowledge Development Presentation:

Prepare and present one prescriptive teaching in a classroom environment from as assigned missed question. Passing score is 3.5

Teaching in confined water:

Prepare and teach one skill in confined water environment. Passing score is 3.4. Demonstrate 5 skills from Open Water Diver course chosen by the PADI Examiner. Passing score is 17 points in total and all skills must be to a 3 or higher.

Conducting open water training:

Prepare and conduct two skills in an open water environment. Passing score is 3.4 average. Demonstrate rescue exercise number 7 in water too deep to stand in (Unresponsive Diver on the Surface using either mouth to mouth or mouth to pocket mask). This is a pass or fail evaluation.

Your general diving skills, attitude and professionalism as a dive professional will also be taken into account during the entire PADI IE program.

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