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Go Pro - become a dive professional from ZERO here in Tenerife all year round

Your professional scuba diving career in 45/60 days!
From non diver to professional scuba diver. If you want to live an extraordinary life, then this program meet your needs. As highest PADI ranked - 5 star PADI IDC with dedicated Facilities, we offer ongoing programs designed for your needs and you can either be trained to Divemaster or instructor level. So if you have not even learned to dive or have been diving for years then we can design a program around your specific needs. Our ZERO to HERO program specifically for the individual who wishes to pursue a career in the recreational scuba industry but has not yet entered their initial Open Water certification course.

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During your Program you will log over 60 dives.

Your open water training dives will take place among the different and beautiful dive sites of Tenerife.

Completion of the ZERO to HERO program results in a total or more than 10 diver certifications includes five PADI specialties of Your interest including Project AWARE!

Your training package will be taylor made just for You and includes all tuition, all training materials, all certification fees, equipment use, all boat fees and all tank and weight belt rental fees - no hidden costs!

The cost of the program not include your fly tickets, transfers, accommodation, food, personal expenses and PADI PRO member application fees. ( but I will be more than happy to discuss about additional options with You )

Join the ranks of the world's dive professionals. Turn your hobby into your lifestyle, and live the dream. If teaching is an area that interests you, completing this program will allow you to take the next step to the PADI Assistant Instructor course  or straight to PADI Instructor Development Course

For advice regarding how to become PADI Pro from ZERO, Please contact me for pricing and for further information.

Your Zero to Hero program will be conducted in minimum 45 days time period and includes the following courses:

» PADI Open Water Diver
» PADI Advanced Open Water Diver
» PADI Emergency First Responder (including care for children, AED and Emergency Oxygen use Orientation)
» PADI Rescue Diver
» PADI Master Scuba Diver (PADI's Highest Recreational rating)
» PADI Divemaster (PADI's First Professional Membership Level)

Instructor's Creed:


As a scuba instructor You have the opportunity to see:

- Fear changed to courage
- Faint-heartedness converted into accomplishment
- Timidity transformed into confidence
- Anticipation turned into passion

As a scuba instructor You can:

- Open hearts and minds to the hidden beauty of nature's creation and our obligation to protect it
- Foster self-esteem in another person
- Teach the value of character and integrity
- Transform another human being and change a life for the better and forever

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