Conosci il tuo Course Director

Mi chiamo Michal - ma gli amici mi chiamano Mike.

Sono nato nel 1974 in Polonia.

Sono Course Director PADI e sono ... innamorato delle immersioni.
La passione per le immersioni è stata sempre presente nella mia vita  - il mio primo corso di immersione è stato nel lontano 1991. Nel corso degli anni successivi ho seguito altri corsi in diverse organizzazioni e con vari istruttori.
Nel 2004 sono diventato istruttore PADI e Tec Diver. Durante le mie immersioni, ho incontrato molti subacquei appassionati,

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  • Aleksander PalasinskiAleksander Palasinski

    IDC May 2018 was a great experience, having Mike as a Curse Director, was even better. Mike without a doubt is a high level profesional, IDC was very well organized there was a good balance between theory and practical skills, what is most important everything was backed up with real life examples. So if you considering yourself becoming a PADI Pro, I can clearly recommend Mike as a Curse Director. Thank you!

  • Veronika ZimanovaVeronika Zimanova

    PADI IDC May 2018 - Diving is fun, but safety first! That was the motto of my IDC with Mike. Mike is a real professional - not only in diving (see his experiencesJ) but also in the classroom. He is organized, innovative and great lecturer. I really enjoyed his “mentor to student” approach and adding his personal experiences to specific parts of the IDC. I can recommend Mike as course director for IDC (or other levels of diving education) as I believe he can offer additional value to the course. IDC is not easy, but thank to Mike I felt comfortable and prepared for IE. And now, as new PADI Instructor, I know I made the right choice! Good job, keep on going and thank you for everything!

  • David StocksDavid Stocks

    IDC May 2018. Not sure where to start as my experience during my IDC and IE surpassed my expectations. From arriving on the first day Mike was organised and professional. His priority was to get us all settled in and comfortable for the marathon ahead. Everyday was fun and challenging. The course was delivered with structure and with an increasing pace. Yet no subject was moved on untill we had all understood what was being asked of us. Mike even gave his own time at the end of every evening to coach anyone who struggled the day.. I really can't thank Mike and all his staff for their dedication and commitment to us all during the whole process.. We even received a small diving gift everyday. If you are a serious professional and want the best training which will give you all the tools you need to succeed in the diving industry then Mike is the man.. He is straight forward in his methods and exceptionally professional yet you will laugh cry and scream during your development to be coming a great instructor.... Keep up the amazing work guys and keep raising the bar... David Stocks new PADI instructor 😁😁😁

  • Mark PilzerMark Pilzer

    IDC May 2018. Thank you very much Mike and everyone involved for this amazing IDC, from the beginning to the end perfectly organized, straight forward teaching and fun learning!! And most importantly, feeling more than ready and prepared to begin life as an Instructor. For anyone thinking to seek the IDC I can highly recommend Mike as your CD, you will have lots of Fun and learn as well as improve many things up to Perfection.

  • Raul OrejonRaul Orejon

    IDC May 2018. Mi experiencia en el IDC con Mike a sido fantástica, una semana inolvidable.
    Empecé con dudas y miedos, pero gracias a la motivación, exigencia y dinamismo de Mike a lo largo del curso, al final estaba lleno de seguridad y autoconfianza. Además los resultados le avalan, 100% aprovados, el trabajo dá resultados. Muchas gracias por todo Mike.

  • Gerardo Toledo GomezGerardo Toledo Gomez

    IDC May 2018. Desde luego la mejor elección que pude hacer para realizar mi IDC fue con Mike, se trata de una pre-preparación para el IE, corta pero bastante intensa, lo cual requiere de una gran organización por parte del course director que vaya a realizar el IDC. Mike es un gran profesional, y posee todas las cualidades de un lider, capaz de transmitir de la mejor manera posible, sin duda lo volvería a elegir, todo esto se acaba reflejando en que consiguió el 100% de aprobados, aparte, creo que es una experiencia, enriquecedora y en la cual me he llevado grandes amigos. Gracias a todos, si lo que queréis es ser instructores de buceo no dudéis ni un segundo en elegirlo como docente, una gran persona y muy profesional.

  • Franco Fiorentini SanchezFranco Fiorentini Sanchez

    IDC May 2018. Que gran experiencia el IDC que completamos los 8 compañeros con Mike como course director, quién nos condujo a un total de aprobados en el IE. Fue intenso y exigente, lo cuál resultó en un progreso enorme de todos nosotros desde el principio al fin. Recomiendo a Mike como course director a cualquiera que aún tenga dudas de presentarse a no al IE por miedo a suspender, ya que estuvo muy atento y preocupado de todos nosotros.
    Además de esta gran experiencia me llevo un montón de amigos del gremio con los cuales ya estamos haciendo planes de buceo!

  • Tomek BaczkowskiTomek Baczkowski

    MSDT Preparation May 2018 - Thanks Mike for great fun and professional knowledge. I've enjoyed the time during our theory and practice specialty training. Hope to do more trainings in the future! Mike is a specialist in his field. 100% satisfaction from the course! He has a lot of knowledge and knows how to share it. I would recommend!

  • Diego Silveira VazDiego Silveira Vaz

    IDC May 2018 - El IDC fue una experiencia increíble, y que recordaré para siempre, muy divertida , orientativa, y eficaz ,el avance desde el primer dia hasta el último es agigantado gracias a el Course Director profesional al máximo nivel. Al principio del IDC me parecia una locura por que habíamos varios y diferentes diomas y algunos no entendiamos bien el inglés pero igual así Mike logró hacer unas clases magnificas e increibles! Agradezco mucho por su profesionalidad y dedicación hacia nosotros. Así fue que conseguimos super los exámenes los 8 candidatos! Algo increíble gracias a la exigencia y capacidad del course director. Algo admirable!

  • Patryk BlaszczykPatryk Blaszczyk

    IDC January 2018. I am really happy having Mike as my Course Director during the whole IDC. His way of teaching and sense of humour make Mike one of the best teachers I ever had in my life. Big thanks to Staff Instructors for supporting and motivating us everyday. Best regards, Patryk!

  • Marlene Martin VacaMarlene Martin Vaca

    IDC Enero 2018. Fue una semana intensa, cargada de diversión, emociones y aprendizaje. Recomendable al 100% para todo aquel que quiera realizar su IDC en Tenerife. Las instalaciones, el personal y como no, todo el conocimiento, tranquilidad paciencia que Mike ha sabido aportarnos. Sinceramente... una experiencia maravillosa

  • Claus DreboldtClaus Dreboldt

    IDC January 2018. I would clearly recommend Mike as your course director! Not only for theory, standards and brushing off your skills, but also a fantastic way of implementing knowledge into real situations! It was fun, learned a lot, and sometimes a bit stressing, but maybe I'm just getting older PADI Course Director - Tenerife  1f642 - Home Thank you Mike, and a big thank you to the IDC staff instructors and all that helped with logistics and so on! Now it's time for me to have some (more) fun!!

  • Chris FleuryChris Fleury

    IDC January 2018. Mike is more than a teacher, He is an amazing professional that loves to share his knowledge and passion about diving. The IDC was intensive but fun and gave us a great wealth of knowledge to tackle the I.E. with. I will be heading to Mike for any future courses I take and feel confident after being under his tuition. A true professional in every sense of the word.

  • Marcin KretMarcin Kret

    IDC January 2018. Very intensive and professional IDC with Mike. Was a pleasure to got such a good course director with passion. Thank you Mike ! You prepared us very well not only for final egzams but for teaching people and share our passion with them.

  • Andreas AnderssenAndreas Anderssen

    IDC Staff Instructor course - January 2018: What makes Mike such a great instructor and teacher is that he not only prepares you to pass a course, but instead teaches you to become a great instructor in real life. In fact, he was more of a mentor than a teacher. His passion for diving and the underwater world really shines through in the way he teaches. Mike put a lot off effort into each and everyone of his students and this is the mentality he passed on to the rest of us. He has knowledge in so many areas of diving and he never hesitates to help. A perfect combination of having fun while learning, but in the same time being super organized. Professionalism personified!

  • Netta KarjalahtiNetta Karjalahti

    My IDC was such an intensive course and I am really thankful of having Mike as my course director. He is well organized and patient and he answered all my questions. He shared his advice and even helped with additional little problems with missing material to keep the students stress level low. My recommendations!

  • Raul Bel GonzalesRaul Bel Gonzales

    January 2018 MSDT Preparation. What an intensive and awesome week with Mike! We developed many skills during the wreck, deep, smb, sidemount and equipment specialties. Much appreciated all your advices and it has been a pleasure to share with you these great moments, we really had a blast together. Thank you again for all the knowledge you transmit us with all your experience!

  • Diego JimenoDiego Jimeno

    Para mi el IDC fue mucho más que un curso preparatorio. Día a día fui notando un cambio con respecto a mi punto de vista de lo que es enseñar a bucear. Ver lo que realmente es PADI.
    Todo este proceso no lo podría haber logrado de no ser por Mike, el Course Director que nos enseño todo. Dejando al margen todos los conocimientos que te transmite para la preparación del IE, quiero decir que es el como lo hace. Te ayuda en todo lo posible es una gran persona y muy exigente con sus alumnos y aún más con el mismo. Sin duda para mi no fue solo un curso preparatorio, fue una experiencia muy intensa en la cual vi un cambio muy importante en mi mismo. Y gran parte de todo esto se lo debo a Mike por su dedicación.

  • Uta DeutschlanderUta Deutschlander

    Im November 2017 hatte ich die Gelgenheit meinen IDC-Staff mit Mike zu machen. Vor 3 Jahren habe ich bereits meinen OWSI mit Mike gemacht. Der Staff ist eine besondere Erfahrung - jetzt liegt es nicht mehr nur an Dir selber zu bestehen - jetzt hilfst Du anderen dabei ihren IE zu bestehen. Es war nicht so leicht für mich in diese Rolle zu wechseln. Mike teilt immer sein Wissen und seine Erfahrung und es ist sehr beeindruckend zu sehen wie professionell er ist. Er arbeitet immer an sich und z. B. an seinen Skills um diese weiter zu perfektionieren. Das habe ich schon immer während meines IDC bewundert und heute muss ich sagen, dass alle Kandidaten, die bei ihm die Vorbereitung auf das Tauchlehrerexamen machen bestens vorbereitet werden. Ich hoffe, dass ich selber auch einmal dieses Niveau erreichen werde. Mike - Du bist ein Vorbild - Danke für alles, was Du bislang mit mir geteilt hast.

  • Madita BruesselbachMadita Bruesselbach

    IDC Nov-Dec. 2017. Mike is not only a teacher , he gives you a lot of background information of his experience that helps us to start our instructor career as best as possible . He teaches with so much passion. I really like how professional Mike is and how much knowledge he has. I just can say THANK YOU Mike for the patience you had for us while IDC and IE. You are a big fish between all the small fishes

  • David Castello FernandezDavid Castello Fernandez

    IDC September 2017. Mike es todo un profesional, cuando alguien enseña algo se nota si de verdad lo siente o no, y el es de los que lo sienten. Durante el IDC ha estado atento en todo momento , no le faltaba detalle. Un ejemplo a seguir tanto dentro como fuera del agua.. Gracias por compartir tu pasión con nosotros y por hacer todo de la mejor manera posible. Totalmente recomendable Nos vemos por los mares Mike un abrazo fuerte!

  • Ariel GomizAriel Gomiz

    IDC September 2017. Mike doesnt only teach you how to teach. He teaches you how to do it with passion. He is an amazing professional and has a lot of knowledge to give. Always one step ahead. Thank you Mike for the patience to teach, see you underwater!

  • Garry La RocheGarry La Roche

    IDC with Mike Sep-Oct 2017 on Tenerife was best move for all of us. Well organized, the course prepared us in a very thorough and personal manner. Mike is profesional, experienced, passionate about diving and has a huge heart. As a result naturally we all succeeded on IE. Thanks Mike!!!

  • Katarina JohanssonKatarina Johansson

    I love being an instructor, seeing people enjoying diving and learning just makes me happy and also teaches me new things every day. Mike is one of the people who helped me become an instructor. Now a couple of years later I know I can always turn to him for advice and support. Thanks Mike

  • Nicolas LimetNicolas Limet

    I did my DM internship in Tenerife in 2015 and then my IDC in 2016 with Mike. He is demanding and very thorough, with a no-nonsense approach to diving. I especially liked the way he preaches by example and the usefull tips he gives about organizing your teaching, about how to position yourself and your students in the water or in the surface, always underlying safety issues.... Very usefull in real life, when you actually start to teach classes!

  • Roberto Escudero GabrielRoberto Escudero Gabriel

    Hola mi nombre es Roberto , soy IDC STAFF INSTRUCTOR hace 4 años decidí dar un cambio radical a mi vida y decidí hacerme instructor de buceo. Convertí mi pasion en mi profesión. Hace unos meses decidí que ya estaba preparado para dar el paso para el siguiente nivel y decidí hacer el curso de Idc staff instructor. Mi experiencia durante el curso fue muy gratificante ya que fue divertido a la vez que importante, ya que recordé y aprendí muchas cosas nuevas. El curso muy bien organizado por parte de todo el staff muy profesionales y dispuestos a enseñarnos y ayudarnos con todo. Solo puedo dar las gracias por todo el trato recibido.

  • Romy RodriguezRomy Rodriguez

    I am glad I did my Rescue course and Divemaster back in summer 2015, when I just arrived with 13 dives... Since the beginning Mike was friendly and quite Profesional, giving me tips to improve my skills constantly, I could see He been working in the Diving Industry for decades. Great Profesional and friendly Mentor Many thanks for helping me to be confident and get the best from every dive. Hasta la vista my friend.

  • Szymon BiskupSzymon Biskup

    Signing up for an IDC with Mike. Great decision!
    What you can expect from him is a wealth of knowledge, eagerness to share it and
    an individual approach to your needs to make sure you master all those bits and pieces that might require some more work to do:) In a nutshell - a real PRO

  • Roberta CarafaRoberta Carafa

    My PADI IDC and IE with Mike was one of the most exciting and inspiring experience of my life. He, with the support of the other IDC Staff and IE staff members, was able to teach, train and motivate me and the others candidates giving us the needed confidence in dealing with challenging and demanding tasks. Mike conducted the IDC in a very professional, safe and relaxed way and even we had a lot of fun! He was very patient, a great mentor and also a good friend. He could infuse us his genuine passion for diving. Thank you again Mike!

  • Bartek LipowiczBartek Lipowicz

    I did my IDC in May 2017 in Tenerife with Mike.The course was a great experience!! I have learned a lot and met many fantastic people:) Mike is definitely one of them!!! He was with us all the time during IDC making it super interesting and funny!! Mike is friendly guy with a great sense of humor and huge diving knowledge that he loves to share with others!! Thanks Mike:)see U soon;)

  • Pau VarelaPau Varela

    On May 2017 I did my IDC in Tenerife with Mike and David and it was one of the best experiences related to diving I've had until now. Now I'm working as an Instructor here in Tenerife and I'm realising every day during my daily routine as a diving instructor how important was all the knowledge Mike transmitted to me and the way he was doing it, while helping me understand that with the good tools, diving possibilities are endless. I have had the pleasure to study and share diving with Mike during a few months and I've had the chance to discuss a lot of diving questions with him. I'm so grateful he has been always patient and able to find the best answer, and has taken the time to help me grow as a diver while teaching me the best ways to help others grow within their diving, so now I'm happily enjoying one of the best jobs in the world! Thanks Mike